“Nikolovi – Trans _ Ltd has a modern fleet of vehicles in accordance with all European directives , with full range of with full range from 1,5t to 40t load weight and capacity from 1 to 33 pallet spaces , which allows us to be flexible and effective in finding solutions of our client’s needs. Every vehicle is equipped with GPS navigation , which allows us maximal effectiveness and control through the whole process of the transportation and this ensures the safety of our client’s loads. For better planning we provide 24 hours information about the location of the cargo and the exact arrival time at destination.

Semi – trailer with moving floor

Suspension: Air/Axes: SAF – 9t/ 13,50 х 2,475 х 2,82 || 5 EBS, disk brake system ; Tara: 7450 kg

  • Horizontal loading and unloading
  • Low dead load
  • Increased payload
  • A choice between two systems Keith Walking Floor or Cargo floor.
  • No restrictions in height of unloading warehouses.
  • Safety loading by pressing a button.
  • Absolutely guaranteed stability during unloading.
  • Quick unloading – 93 m3 for ± 12minutes
  • Different floor thickness depending of the goods.

Semi – trailer with side panels – 13,60m

95m3 || dimentions (L/W/H) 13,60 x 2,48 x 2,80m || side panes || ADR / blinded roof.

Semi – trailer type “Tautliner” – 13,60m

95m3 || dimentions (L/W/H) 13,60 x 2,50 x 2,80m || 3 side blind || ADR .